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      About Hengxin

      Ruian Hengxin Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

      Car radiator fan assembly

            Ruian Henxin Auto Part Manufacture Co.,Ltd was founded in 2005 and located in Industrial Zone in Tangxia,Ruian,Zhejiang Province,China. The company is by the side of 104 National Highways and only 30 minutes from Wenzhou Airport and Wenzhou Railway Station by car. It has transport facilities.          
            Henxin is a car parts manufactory which converge development, production, sales and service. It specialized in the manufacture of Auto radiator fan and Auto conditioning blowers su...
      Add:Wang Chen Zhai Industrial Zone, Tangxia Town Ruian

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      The company specializes in the production of automotive radiator fan assembly, automotive air conditioning blower. Products are divided into types according to the type: Hyundai series, Kia series, Buick series, Chevrolet series...


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